April 25, 2007

How to Be a Good Poker Host: Part 1-- The Playing Space


The time has come to take some time out and give some respect to the unsung heroes of poker nights, the hosts! These poor folks put in much time, energy, and sometimes money, in order for YOU to have an excellent time at whatever poker event you're playing.

How are we going to show our respect? Simple. We're going to show you how YOU can host this time!

This is the first in a multi-part series on how you can be the host of your next poker get together, and do it in top notch fashion. Read on to learn all you need to know about being a good poker host. Today's topic: The Playing Space. See you after the jump.

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April 9, 2007

Being a Dealer, and Looking the Part

Poker Night is comign around again, and this week you feel like doing something extra cool for your gang. We have got just the plan for you: Why not offer to be the Dealer for the night? You can take a break from mercilessly crushing your friends and family and taking all their chips....and you can take their chips with their thanks!

Step 1: Convince your friends to let you deal. Surely they wont refuse when you offer to take no rake, and only accept tips!
Step 2: Look the part.

Here's where we can help point you to all you need to be a professional looking dealer: Kardwell International

These guys supply some great casino gear both the cheap stuff, and semi-professional, but for our purposes here, they offer some sweet dealer swag, including:

The Apron
Perfect for holding all those tips!

The Visor
Keep the glare of angry floppers out of your eyes!

The Tie

Available in Split, or Bow Style

Arm Bands

We have no idea what these are even for, but they certainly fit the part.

So what are you waiting for! Head over to Kardwell and spice up that next poker night. If you perform well, you may even make more as a dealer, than you do as a player!

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March 19, 2007

Poker Shot Glasses

These poker shot glasses aren't too fancy, but thats how we like em.


We are especially intrigued by the little stack container they come in. That looks just right to hold your shot glasses on the way to your poker event, and just right to hold your wad o' cash on the way home.

And if your friends run out of money while you play, no worries, you can switch to Beer Poker:

Playing Beer Poker - Shot Ante Drinking Game

It's really easy, and you can do it with just a few people. All you need is a deck of cards and any kind of alcohol. (Base the alcohol choice on how long you want to play before passing out). For this example, just to make it easy, we'll say there are 4 players and we're playing regular five card poker. Get up to the point where you would be betting. At that point, you have to bet by shots. So player #1 raises it one shot, and player #2 matches. If no one else goes in, they (players 3 and 4) have to drink one shot each. Now if player #1 or #2 raises it, they will have to drink that much if they lose. The winning hand sits out of drinking that time around and they are the dealer the next round, and they can set up a new game (7 card or whatever). Usually works well.

Beer Poker and Other Drinking Games at Brewthis.com

Shot Glasses at Bwild.com

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March 9, 2007

Poker Themed Cufflinks


We came across these poker cufflinks today while browsing Amazon. We think they look rather snazzy. There is nothing quite like dressing up for a trip to the casino. The way we see it, you may as well look like a million bucks when you try to earn 'em.

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February 22, 2007

The Dealer's Visor


Part of being a good dealer (or player), is looking the part. We don't really konw why poker visors became the thing to wear, perhaps its to help hide your face when you want, or perhaps its just to absorb some of the sweat you will have pouring from your forehead when you flop trip aces. Whatever the reason, you can make a fashion statement with a nice dealer visor. Check this one out at Amazon, and its clear-green-cousin also!

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February 6, 2007

Pool Poker at Caesar's

A clever Improv group decided to setup poker in Caesar's Palace... in their pool.
Some think its a joke, we think its the next new innovation in poker!

Via: VideoSift

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January 30, 2007

A Case of the Giggles: Poker Jokes

Feeling a little blue this morning?
Why not cheer yourself up with a little poker humor?

Little Tommy was the quietest boy in school. He never answered any questions but his homework was always quite excellent. If any one said anything to him he would simply nod, or shake his head. The staff thought he was shy and decided to do something to give him confidence. "Tommy," said his teacher. "I've just bet Miss Smith $5 I can get you to say three words. You can have half." Tommy looked at her pityingly and said, "You lose."

You get some more laughs by reading poker jokes at the following sites:
Poker News.com
Poker Jokes.net
The Bartend
The Poker Channel

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January 11, 2007

Got The Time?


If you happen to have just won a big poker tourney, why not treat yourself to this lovely five thousand dollar, 18 karat gold watch! Just think.. every time you wonder what time it is, you can remind yourself not to get on tilt! Also, if you happen to need a stake in another big tourney, this may just get you a spot.

Of course, if you are feeling a bit more frugal, you can always just get the Silver Version


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January 2, 2007

A Well Trained Dog

Its not quite any kind of poker we know of. But you have to admit, this guy's dog is pretty darn cute.

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December 14, 2006

Amazon Easy Gift Wrap-up

Well the time to pony up and get those gifts has finally arrived. You can no longer afford to procrastinate! These are the last few days that you can order anything from Amazon and still feel good that it will arrive on time for Christmas. To help refresh your memory, here's a selection of Amazon items we thought your poker fan would love:

Just mouse over any item for a description, and click to head over to Amazon and scoop it up!


Chip Tricks

Card Stunts




SuperSystem.jpg superSystem2.jpg


Remember to look through our other "Easy Gift" stories to find products from other places besides Amazon, but if remember that if you order from them, you may already have missed your christmas shipping deadline!

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