August 9, 2007

Nevada Jack's Chips at Poker Gaming Products


There is something cool about a skull. Especially one wearing a sombrero and smoking a cigar. So here, from Poker Gaming, we have the Nevada Jack's poker chips.

Here's the site's blurb:

They are the highest quality composite casino poker chips made available for home games and casinos alike. A full 10 gram casino weight chip with a high grade texture only found in a true casino, these are now being marketed to casinos worldwide.

Made with a high density polymer composite to give it a professional clay feel, this is an affordable casino quality chip. Compare it to a Chipco brand chip. In addition to its casino feel, an advantage this chip has over its clay counterpart is its ability to accept higher quality graphics using the entire face of the chip. On the edge of the chips, there is also a marble-like finish with vertical stripes at six points around the chip's perimeter. Few chips can come close to replicating this classy appearance.

All chips feature a colorful illustration of the Nevada Jack logo and a deceased old west gambler. Appropriately enough, he is holding "the dead man's hand," aces and eights, the hand reputedly held by "Wild" Bill Hickok at his untimely death. Available in 7 colors and denominations between 25? and $500.

The detail on these chips is flawless and their unique design makes them great for casinos and homestyle play.

These are available in both the individual orders, as well as a full set with aluminum case. Sweeet.

Poker Gaming

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July 23, 2007

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Chips


We have been loving the bonanza of interesting chips to be had over at Old Vegas Chips, and today's entry doesn't disappoint!. Behold an entire collection of Hard Rock Hotel and Casino chips.

If you have ever been to Vegas, you know that that the Hard Rock is one hell of a bumpin' place. It seems to cater to a younger, more hip crowd, and it is always a good time. This collection of chips will allow you to pick up a little something to remind you of your visit there. They have chips from Fourth of July 2007, to Carson Daily 2004, and bunches more in between.

You may not want to buy a whole set of them for your evening poker games, but they make a very nice addition to any collection, and a perfect memento of a good time had at the Hard Rock.

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June 27, 2007

Metal Coin Inlay Chips


While poking around the Internet for some new and different chips, we came across these neat metal inlay chips from Poker N Stuff. They are 11.5 gram, and are made from a " hi-grade composite resin". They only cost $8.95 for 50, so we're not holding our breath on the quality. And while these may not be Sidepot chips, they are definitely pretty darn cool.

Here's another closeup pic we found of the inlay:


These would be a very unique addition to a poker chip collector's cache, and they would also serve as a nice discussion piece for any weekly game. Our only wonder is, how well those inlays are secured in there. We'd hate to see them pop out when we aggressively splash the pot sometime.

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June 4, 2007

Protege Poker Chips From Sidepot: High End Elegance


We recently got our fingers on some Protege chips from Sidepot. We ran them through the paces, and have decided that for high-end poker chips, these are definitely among the best in breed. These are not your totin' chips, these clay beauties are for breaking out when the big fish come to play at your place. Read on find out what we liked about these fine chips, and how you can get a set of your own.

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May 30, 2007

How to Be a Good Poker Host: Part 4 -- Cards and Chips


Welcome to part four of our series on how to be a good poker host. If you missed parts one, two, or three, you may as well go catch up. Don't worry we'll wait.

There.. all set now? Great, now follow the jump as we discuss what you need to know about the part of poker that you need to have in order for there to be any poker at all, cards and chips.

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May 29, 2007

Poker Chip Flash Drive


Its the final table at the World Series of Poker. Ivan Betchyabluffin has just gone all in against John Q. Everyman. Ivan is from Russia, and hes got only a pair of deuces, but hes bearing down against what he is sure is trip kings or better! What on earth is going on here??!?!

Ahhh.. Ivan is in fact a Russian defector! And he is actually transferring the super secret spy plans to the CIA agent John! But how is he slipping the plans? Why in his super cool USB flash drive disguised as a poker chip of course!

Now you too can pass along super spy messages in poker tournaments, OR you can just have a flash drive that will sit comfortably in your pocket. Spy, geek, or poker freak, you can pick up this 1 gigabyte flash drive at Target.

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April 23, 2007

Vegas Poker Chips


This morning, we come across an interesting set of Vegas Poker Chips from

A beautiful and deluxe 50pc "Las Vegas" design clay poker chip set. These Premium clay poker chips are 9 grams in weight and have a larger inlay than the usual Las Vegas design. The chips are very durable and are made of the highest quality clay composite material. You will love the touch and feel of these 39 mm diameter casino size poker chips!

Each chip has a printed value and the chips are provided in 7 different colors with the following values:

* White (used as $1)
* Red (used as $5)
* Blue (used as $10)
* Green (used as $25)
* Black (used as $100)
* Purple (used as $500)
* Orange (used as $1000)

Overall these are pretty cool and retro looking. We like the Vegas feel, without being too specific to any one vegas locale. They aren't 11g, and so they are going to feel a little light, but they are a decent little set to toss in a bag for your summer toolin' around!

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April 10, 2007

Poker Chips: An Artisitic Look At Some Flickr Images

And now, we'd like to take a moment, and just peruse some beautiful images that can be seen on Flickr, of some awesome looking chips. Note that all images are copyright their respective owners.

Bellagio PokerChip

Red Poker Chip

Poker Chip Tower 2

Poker Chips

Wow. Those are great. And theres plenty more poker-chip porn to be had deep within Flickr. Just follow the link and search on Poker Chip and then be amazed at the talent of chip photographers everywhere.

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April 5, 2007

Chip Tricks Demonstrated on You Tube

These tricks speak for themselves. Sadly here at Just the Chips, the only trick we know how to do, is how to make them dissappear.

Rich Fergusun (relation to Jesus?)

Tricks by 21ace

A German Chip Trick DVD Trailer

Theres Even Virtual Chip Tricks

Also, dont miss this user's entire array of chip tricks!

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March 22, 2007

Make Your Own Poker Chips

Sometimes, no matter how much customization a chip manufacturer can offer, it still isn't enough. If you have found that you just can't get what you want, or if its simply the high cost of custom chips, then the time may have come for you to take a crack at making your own chips!

We found this great tutorial over at on how to make your own chips from polymer clay, like Sculpy.

The art of caning, used with a polymer clay like Fimo or Sculpey, is perfect for creating your own personalized poker chips. My poker chips never turn out quite as perfect as the machine made plastic or clay ones you can order online, but I don't mind items having that crafty look and feel. Unfortunately, this method isn't perfect. It can take a hours to make enough chips to play with if this is your first time working with canes. I also slightly prefer the feel of professionally made poker chips. I use Fimo, which ends up feeling just slightly oily (but is stronger than Sculpey). This method does have some great advantages though. It's possible to customize everything about the poker chip, from colors, to patterns, to imprints, to stamping. If you're only interested in a personalized stamp that you do yourself, it's possible to buy poker chips in bulk from a place like (I recommend the clay ones) and jump down to the later steps of this tutorial.

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