March 26, 2008

Weber VIP Hold'em Table

Weber VIP Table

If its the highest quality you seek in a table in your home, then why not just go with a table the real casinos would use? This gorgeous table from will draw the eyes of any poker enthusiast, and its sure to hold up to the toughest of use.

Here's a snip about the manufacturer:

Weber's Casino line of holdem tables uses the highest quality materials in the construction of their poker tables. Weber's Casino Poker tables and equipment have to stand up in the 24/7 Casino environment. They have to build equipment for the 500lbs player as well as the 90lbs Player. Weber's Casino equipment must be able to take the constant punishment of the Casino players. Typical furniture is only used part of the day, weather it be work furniture like chairs and desks or Home furniture. Casino equipment must be stronger and in turn last longer to handle the 24/7 use and abuse from the Casino Patrons, at Weber Casino Tables they keep this in mind when building their equipment.

And while the price tag of $3,499 may give some pause, sometimes quality just costs more. On the bright side, at least the shipping is free.

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March 21, 2008

DaVinci Chips

DaVinci Chips

Always on the lookout for new and attractive poker chips, we had to pause and admire these fantastic looking DaVinci master works chips from DaVinci Imports. These guys are truly beautiful, and at a hefty 11.5g, they feel nice too. While you may be losing your shirt to some bad beats, at least you can be admiring some excellent artwork on the chips you're giving out.

From the DaVinci Imports site:

Casino Da Vinci Master Works 11.5 gram authentic casino poker chips.
Just added to the Da Vinci Imports line of poker chips are our new Master Works full color casino poker chips. Each color chip features a different painting or sketch by Leonardo Da Vinci, chip denominations, and the Casino Da Vinci crest. These authentic casino poker chips are exclusive to Da Vinci Imports.

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March 19, 2008

Green Felt Table With Foot Bar

Green Felt Table With Foot Bar

We believe that playing poker is a time to relax. Even if by relaxing we mean fleecing your best friends of twenty bucks in a friendly game. And one thing we like to do when we relax, is put our feet up. This can present a problem with most tables, as there is usually no way to park your treads while you stare into the eyes of an opponent to determine if he's bluffing or not.

But we need not worry any more, now our accidental games of footsie can come to and end thanks to some sweet tables over at American Gaming Supply. Thank you, Thank you AGS, for showing us a selection of tables that give our feet somewhere to keep out of trouble.

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March 12, 2008

European Poker Plaques

Plaque Stack

Playing with poker chips is just plain fun. There's no denying that some part of the joy of good poker, is the feel of great chips in your hands. But for those extra special events, for those super duper amazing events, there is something you can do that is even more fantastic feeling. You can let your players use plaques. Plaques are those large rectangular chips that you have seen at high stakes European venues. They typically denote extremely high values, and they look and feel amazing.

Don't believe us? Go get yourself a few of these gorgeous plaques from Apache Poker Chips and try them for yourself. They will most certainly add some flair to your next high-stakes tournament.

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March 5, 2008

Drink and Dinner Cart for Your Poker Gatherings

Drink and Dinner Cart

When setting up for the big game night, you more than likely have the basics covered. You have your big table, you have comfortable chairs, you have Kem cards, and you have the finest set of chips around (naturaly because you read JustTheChips). But have you taken care of the other details of a long poker game?

Its one thing to toss a beer glass into the cup holder on the table, but its quite another to try to find a place to put that plate of chicken fingers, or that bowl of pretzels. And so you have the need for an area of space that is near the gaming table, but apart from it. You need a drink and dinner cart, just like at the casino! The one pictured here is a high grade cart available from, and its a very sturdy and reliable model. Whats nice about these is you can get a dinner cart or a drink cart separately, or together, and if you have both, then they tuck neatly into each other to save some space.

So don't leave your friends trying to hold their dinner in their lap, get some nice drink and dinner carts to keep the game flowing!

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March 4, 2008

Playboy Poker Chip Area Rug


Playboy is a brand that is known the world over for more than simply naked women. It also stands as a brand that identifies with a lifestyle. Its about living a life of leisure in a world of stress. Now, you may not be purchasing that mansion, and walking around in smoking jackets all day, but you might be able to create that small corner of your home that stands as a testament to the lifestyle that Playboy has iconified.

We can see it now, your small cocktail bar, your 5 person poker table, your comfy leather chairs. And underneath them all, this swanky playboy poker chip area rug. Yep, this is just the kind of rig a poker player can get comfortable on, and curl their toes in.

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