December 17, 2007

Royal Flush Poker Chips Set -- Everything but the Kitchen Sink


If you are looking for a last minute gift, and you aren't sure if your poker loved one has an item you are thinking of getting, you can always take a "shotgun" approach. This Royal Flush Poker Chips Set has everything in it but the kitchen sink, and all for only $66.99!

It includes:
* 100 $100 black chips, 100 $50 blue chips, 200 $25 green chips
* 300 $5 red chips, 300 $1 Grey chips, 1 Heavy Duty Aluminum Case
* 6 Dealer Buttons including Dealer, Small Blind, Big Blind, Reserved, Kill, & Missed Blind
* 2 Cut cards, 2 Key Chains, 2 Decks of Playing Cards and 5 Dice
* Standard Casino Size and Weight, Feels and Sounds Like Casino Chips

Six Dealer buttons?? How many dealers do you play with?? And Keychains? Damn. Its got it all in there!

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December 14, 2007

Playboy Premium Poker Chip Set


Playboy is not just a magazine, or a company, its a lifestyle. And leisure is certainly a word that comes to mind when people think Playboy. And what better leisure activity, than a fine round of poker with friends? Check out this classic looking Playboy chip set From

For an authentic tournament poker experience, this Playboy Poker Chip Set is the way to go. With premium raised edges, a casino in-laid style, the same look and feel of casino chips and a micro-textured finish, this set is of real tournament quality.

Set Includes:
3 x Casino Stack Down Trays
1 x Commemorative Dealer Button
150 x Red Chip
100 x Green Chip
50 x Black Chip

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December 13, 2007

Custom Military Unit Poker Chips


For those who have family in the military, the holidays can be an especially tough time. We here would like to send our thanks to those serving, and to those who sacrifice by having their loved ones serve their country.

One way that you can show your thanks to those you know serving is to send them a package for the holidays. And what better package to send a soldier, marine, sailor, or airman, than a set of poker chips so they can beat the pants off their pals in some friendly card games.

We found these fantastic chips today at that will take a military unit, and immortalize them on a set of chips. Go check out the gallery and see the great work for yourself!

And again, we here at Just the Chips say thanks to all of you!

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December 10, 2007

Boris Becker Joining Euro Poker Scene?

According to a sister-Blogpire site Whats All The Raquet, and their story on the Poker Stars Blog, it looks like Boris Becker is going to be joining the European Poker Tour under a PokerStars sponsorship. This seems like an attempt to get some celebrity power into the scene, and get a little more awareness of PokerStars. Well, we blogged it, so I guess it worked!

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December 7, 2007

Poker Card Glass Coasters


Another in our line of gift suggestions for the poker lover, are these sweet looking glass poker card coasters from Kikkerland. These are very elegant, and would add some splash alongside your weekly poker night. Of course, no self respecting poker player uses coasters, but hey.. while they may not belong on a poker table, they will look nice on a coffee table.

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December 6, 2007

Poker Chip Tree Ornament


Looking for a poker themed ornament for the tree this year? Not to worry, check out this poker chip stack ornament. It's all glass, so it is a nice elegant addition to your tree, but do be careful if you have pets or kids about.

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December 5, 2007

Royal Flush Poker Clock

Its always hard to find gifts for the poker lover. They usually already have their chips, and cards, and even cases. And poker tables? Forget it, you're not getting them THAT big a gift. And so we like to bring to you some poker themed items, as they can be a nice accent to your poker lover's decor, or lifestyle.


Enter the Royal Flush Poker Clock. This is no ordinary clock, with some chips slapped on the face, this is a really interesting piece of art. It hangs in a long vertical strip, and the clock itself is situated on the top card. What it lacks in functional readability, it more than makes up for in taste and decor.

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December 4, 2007

BlackJack Extreme

As we were perusing the news this morning, we discovered an intriguing story about a Hollywood movie mogul trying to spin a new casino card game he invented into the next Texas Hold'em. His game, called BlackJack Extreme sounds like an intriguing mix of poker and blackjack, with plenty of bluffing, and a chance to play the "house".

Here's a bit about the story behind this new game from

[David C.]Thomas and Internet marketing guru Mark Koetting have formed BJX Entertainment LLC and are simultaneously pitching BlackJack Extreme as a TV card-game show, an online or live casino poker room game and an electronic game joining slot machines and video poker on casino floors.

“This is very ambitious to move simultaneously into three major industries,” Thomas admitted. But he’s confident that, given a chance, the game will catch on.

“It’s fast. It’s fun,” he said. And, he added, BlackJack Extreme is even more sociable than standard blackjack or Texas Hold ’em.

And for more on the game itself, head over to the BlackJack Extreme website, where you can learn to play, watch a sample game, and see a video that gives a flavor of how a TV show might work.

Welcome to the sickest game in town. We took the best of poker, added the best of blackjack, and came up with a brand new game. If you have the heart to bluff, the courage to make big plays and the brains to stay two jumps ahead of your opponents we’ve got the game for you. It’s blackjack so the rules are familiar - you can surrender, hit, stay, double and naturals pay 3 to 2. It’s BlackJack eXtreme because everyone takes turns being the dealer. When you’re the dealer, you can bluff, fold and hit any soft hand. When you’re the player you can go all-in but take as many cards as needed to make the best hand. And card counting is allowed. Learn to Play – Play to Win.
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December 3, 2007

Personal Poker Chips


If you are looking for another alternative in the custom chip arena, you should take some time to check out Personal Poker They have an excellent stock of mid-range and elite ceramic chips to choose from. They have a 5 step online process to design the mid-range chips, though if you want to go ceramic, you will have to talk with their customer service reps.

Besides chips, there is also a wide selection of playing cards, tables, and other poker gear. Best of all, they deliver to both the UK, and to the US.

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