September 28, 2007

Deep Sea Fishing Poker Chips

For the deep sea fishermen in your life, we have this fine set of deep sea fishing chips from These are great for the collector, or just the fish lover. You might say it brings a whole new meaning to Fish and Chips. Ug..we actually said it.

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September 26, 2007

Chip Tricks By 21 Ace

It's a little heavy on the heavy metal, so you may want to turn down your speakers (or turn them up), but this video of chip tricks is pretty good. We especially liked the "Eman" stack shuffles.

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September 25, 2007

The College Poker Scene


We recently came across a series of articles at about the College Poker Scene. The latest in the series talks about what is going on at Arizona State University. We can only wish that we had a resource like this for our college days. Maybe then we wouldn't be paying so much in college loans.

Here's a bit from the latest article:

Last year, the Arizona State Student Poker Club held online tournaments via Full Tilt, with buy-ins of $20. The tournaments were held privately, but any member of the club was allowed to play. The last tournament was held on November 6, 2006 and although there were over 40 entrants, it is unclear whether or not the club has any future online tournaments scheduled.

If you're excited to be a part of the Williams Campus Housing and want to play poker, then the Williams Campus Housing Poker Night is just for you. The event takes place on September 27, at the Union Cooley Ballroom. Play starts at 5pm and is scheduled to last until 10pm. Unfortunately for some, this event is listed as a private event.

Head over to for more.
Image From Flickr

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September 21, 2007

Poker Chip Wedding Favors


If you have a big wedding coming up, and you're not quite sure what to do for favors, may we suggest poker chips from!

Here's a snippet from their site, poker cliches included.:

Ready to go all in with the love of your life? Up the ante with these personalized poker chips. Whether you are professional poker players, a couple who met at a poker table, or simply poker fans, a celebration with these poker chips is guaranteed to bring smiles to your guests' faces.

Professional, 11.5 gram, clay composite poker chips are personalized on both sides with custom labels printed with your names and wedding date plus a graphic of your choice. Choose from 6 different colored chips and 6 print colors to match. A selection of designs is available below. Or design your own logo for the occasion. Photo printing is also available. $10 artwork fee applies. Please send your camera ready artwork or photo to Files should be in .jpeg or .tiff format, at least 190 dpi and at least 3.5" in size. A free email proof will be sent with each custom order. Call 877-988-2328 for assistance.

You may order the poker chips loose or individually fitted with specially designed clear acrylic cases with either a black foam ring or white foam ring. The clear case protects your custom poker chip and ensures that it remains a memento to hold on to for a lifetime. We take the liberty of including one extra poker chip in a clear case with each order for you to keep!

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September 19, 2007

Sweet Chip Trick Video: Anti-Gravity

From the folks at, comes this sweet chip-trick video. It will teach you how to shoot a chip up from your hand, making it seem like its defying gravity. Check it out:

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September 18, 2007

Virtual Poker Chips... Now Available on Facebook


They may not be worth much at your local casino, but you can now earn yourself some virtual poker chips on Facebook. Bscially the deal is, you earn chips by doing things on facebook like inviting friends. And what do these chips do? Why you can play them via a Hold'em game.. what else?

Having been built at a kitchen table by San Francisco entrepreneur Mark Pincus, this is a friendly and free game available to the 40 million Facebook users worldwide. Virtual poker chips are the reward, and a sign of your Facebook social status. On sign up you get 200 free chips and another 500 free chips for every friend that you invite.

Read More at Casino

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September 13, 2007

Pamela Anderson And Sexual Poker Favors


Would you give sexual favors to clear a $250,000 poker debt? Pamela Anderson would.

Jackpot.Co.UK has the Story:

The notorious former Playboy model Pamela Anderson has revealed she is dating a poker professional after he offered her an ‘indecent proposal’ to clear her poker debts.

Anderson, who was playing poker for the first time in Las Vegas, was down $250,000 (£125,000) when the unnamed poker star offered to wipe the slate clean in return for sex. Anderson initially turned him down before giving in to his offer.

Now we are wondering... just who was this mystery poker star?

Don't forget you can see Pamela Anderson as a Vegas Showgirl at her official site, and in a magic show with Hans Klok at Planet Hollywood.

Picture from Flickr.

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September 11, 2007

American Eagle Chips from Poker Chips OnLine

September 11, is a powerful day of remembrance now. And while it can evoke strong emotions, and feelings of fear and loss, for most people these days, it has been slowly transformed into a day of national pride. It is an American trait to take a painful time, and use it to fuel our resolve as a nation.


In the spirit of that sentiment, we present to you these fine American Bald Eagle chips from Poker Chips Online. If you are the kind of person that likes to show your pride in the country with American themed stuff, these poker chips are another way that you can do just that.

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September 7, 2007

Food for a Poker Night


One of those sacred duties of hosting a poker night, is providing the room with everything they will need to have a good time. This means things like having a good table, having chips, etc. But it also means providing food and drink. And while you can rely on your players to come with some food, its best to be prepared yourself. And lucky for us, Home Poker Tourney has some straight up ideas on poker vittles.

Here's a snippet:

Yeah, like I'm Martha Stewart! Did you really think that I was going to slave over a hot stove all day for you? The food for my poker nights consists of peanuts, pretzels, and make-your-own-sandwiches. My biggest claim to fame is that I offer not one, but three different types of prepared mustard!

Traditional poker food would include a first course of peanuts and pretzels. This is almost a must and no poker host would be caught dead without them! These appetizers should be made available throughout the entire evening and you should also supply water, pop, and coffee to wash them down. Poker main courses usually consist of something like sandwiches, pizza, chili, stew, baked beans, ribs, hamburgers or hot dogs. It's almost impossible for the host to get away from the game so it is best to have something that is pre-cooked or easily and quickly prepared. Buffet style or anything make-your-own is good since it frees up the host from many responsibilities. Make-your-own sandwiches, subs, or tacos usually work out very well. Pot luck is for schmucks - we're men, we're playing poker, please don't expect me to bring a tuna casserole!

Read on to get some recipes for Salsas, Hot Wings, Nachos, Pigs in a Blanket and more!

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September 6, 2007

Poker Night Light


We know how it is. You've been out all night working the tables. You stumble into the room, tired from too much caffeine, and a bit of adrenaline. As you meander further in, you smack your shin on the coffee table. If only you had a Poker Night Light! Then you would be able to clearly see the old beer bottle in order to doge it. And at under 20 bucks, it sure beats a trip to the ER!

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September 5, 2007

When You Have to Go Pro: 2000 Chips Plus Trolley Case


We love these designs, as well as the "aluminum trolley case".

Here's the manufacturer's Blurb:

These Tournament Pro 14g poker chips are produced from hi-grade clay material with an insert that gives them the weight of a casino quality chip. Chips are perfectly rounded. All chips have values on both sides. Its easy to choose your color preference, just click on the above personalized drop down menu. Quantity should add up to 2000 total chips. 2000 piece sets are good for 10 or more players. Improve your home games with these professional 14g casino size clay poker chips.

If you really need to go pro, and you just HAVE to have 2000 chips, then $360 ain't a bad price to do it for. See PokernStuff for the goods.

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