May 30, 2007

How to Be a Good Poker Host: Part 4 -- Cards and Chips


Welcome to part four of our series on how to be a good poker host. If you missed parts one, two, or three, you may as well go catch up. Don't worry we'll wait.

There.. all set now? Great, now follow the jump as we discuss what you need to know about the part of poker that you need to have in order for there to be any poker at all, cards and chips.

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May 29, 2007

Poker Chip Flash Drive


Its the final table at the World Series of Poker. Ivan Betchyabluffin has just gone all in against John Q. Everyman. Ivan is from Russia, and hes got only a pair of deuces, but hes bearing down against what he is sure is trip kings or better! What on earth is going on here??!?!

Ahhh.. Ivan is in fact a Russian defector! And he is actually transferring the super secret spy plans to the CIA agent John! But how is he slipping the plans? Why in his super cool USB flash drive disguised as a poker chip of course!

Now you too can pass along super spy messages in poker tournaments, OR you can just have a flash drive that will sit comfortably in your pocket. Spy, geek, or poker freak, you can pick up this 1 gigabyte flash drive at Target.

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May 25, 2007

Men's and Women's Poker Apparel at


Now, tell us.. what would you do, if you were to sit down at a no-limit table, and see the woman across the table from you wearing the t-shirt above? Its thoughts like this that keep us up at nights.

Oh.. that and the image of this beauty:


Lots more apparel, in both Men's and Women's, in both tasteful and THAT, at

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May 24, 2007

Fifty Two Reasons to get Kem Cards


As you know, we take our poker seriously.

To begin with, we insist on a sturdy, but soft poker top. Then we pass out weighty plastic-clay-composite chips. Then finally we play with only the best playing cards around. Kem.

Now a REAL casino, likely does not use Kem cards. They have a seemingly endless supply of packs of cards that come all sealed and ready to go. But unlike a real casino, we dont take a rake when we play, so we need cards that will last us for more than one night of hard betting and Cheetos fingers. Enter Kem cards.

Kem cards are made of cellulose and plastic. They are slippery, and they are absolutely crap for magic tricks. What they are amazing at however, is lasting through YEARS of poker playing. And when we say years, we mean YEARS. We have been using 2 decks of Kem cards for over five years now, and they still play like we just took them out of the pack. For at least 2 years of that time, we had weekly poker nights. Believe us, these cards will last you a VERY VERY long time.

Some are shocked by the $20-$25 price tag. But trust us, at about $3-$5 a pop on a standard deck, you will find these cards will pay for themselves in no time.

Kems at -- Its where we got ours.
Official Kem Website -- Learn more about the product at the official site. -- You can even get Custom Kems!

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May 23, 2007

Win $50 Bucks at Tool Snob

Toolsnobwebsite 052107 250 -1

Thanks for being an avid reader of our blog which is published by Blogpire Productions. We'd like to share with you a new title just launched this week - Blogpire Productions started to help homeowners, contractors, and hobbyists find, not only the tools that fit their needs, but to point out the ones that don't. The wrong tool can end up costing you time, money and hours of frustration. Tool Snob aims to be the most reliable and entertaining source for the latest power tool news and reviews.

Want a really good reason to visit? If you sign up for the Tool Snob newsletter by using the form below or on the Tool Snob web site, you'll be eligible to win a $50 gift certificate from That's right, all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter and be on the list when we pick the winner at the end of June.

Sign up for the Tool Snob newsletter and win $50 bucks.

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10 Player Oval Holdem Poker Table Top


We were preusing the poker-merchants, and we saw this nice ten player poker top at Typically we find the eight player tops, but not everyone can offer the ten player option. This top is very nice for those bigger games, but when you don't want a whole table hanging around all the time. At only $129, we think its a very reasonable price.

Time to turn the dining room into a poker den!

The look and feel of a true Texas Holdem poker table will add excitement to every game you play! Expand your table surface in seconds. The poker table top measures 83" by 42", perfect for up to 10 players. This is the largest Holdem style poker table top on the market! An absolute must for the Holdem fan who wants to play on a Holdem style top.

Poker top comes with a vinyl storage/carry bag, padded armrest,10 drink holders built into the armrest. Playing surface is a soft green felt. Heavy 42lbs! Folds for easy storage.

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May 22, 2007

The Poker Mindset


Often we see poker books that are about the other player. How to identify their tells, how to play against their cards...etc. This book offers us something new, how to set our OWN mind to be in the right frame to win. This may be as important a defense against your own tells, and against your own misjudgements, as any book on tells, or pot odds.

The Poker Mindset deeply explores vital topics that most poker books only touch upon: - Tilt: What it really is, why and when you are most prone to it, and how you can avoid it. - Bankroll: A complete examination of bankroll management from a technical, but more importantly, from a psychological and emotional viewpoint. - Opponents: How to determine your competitors' mental and emotional processes so that you can dominate, out think and outplay them. - Downswings: Every poker player experiences them, but you will truly understand and be armed against low ebbs when they occur. - Bad Beats: The Poker Mindset will enable you to overcome the trauma of bad beats and losing big pots.

Sounds like a valuable weapon in our poker book arsenal.

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May 17, 2007

F-Bombs allowed at the World Series of Poker!


F-Bombs are allowed at the World Series of Poker!!! Well, so long as they are not directed at anyone.

The gang have news regarding the new rules for the 2007 World Series of Poker, and among the most interesting rules update is this:

Any player who directs any profane and/or abusive language at another player, dealer or tournament staff member or who makes any profane and/or abusive comments about another player, dealer or tournament staff member will be penalized in accordance with Rules No. 22 and/or 46. In particular, the use of the so-called "f-bomb" and "c-bomb" as well as derivatives of those and similarly offensive terms, will subject the offending player to penalties if they are directed at or refer to another player, dealer, staff member, patron or official of Harrah's or the WSOP. In Harrah's sole and absolute discretion, it may impose at any time a zero-tolerance policy for profane language whether directed at another person or not.

Wow.. nice. We do enjoy some colorful language in our poker games. I wonder how many "derivative" words we could come up with...

You can read all the new rules at The World Series of Poker Official Site.

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May 8, 2007

How to Be a Good Poker Host: Part 3 -- Chairs


Its time to continue our series on how to be a good poker host! Today's topic: Chairs.

"But isn't it enough to just pull up a log to the dining room table?"

No. Its not.

Your guests will be sitting on their butts for several hours, stopping only briefly to go to the restroom, or to refill their beverages. Wait.. YOU should be refilling their beverages, so they will only get up to use the restroom! All the more crucial that the chairs around your table are comfortable and sturdy. Read on to find out more about what you need to do to be prepared to be the best poker host you can be, especially when it comes to chairs!

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May 4, 2007

Poker Glassware from High Hand Designs


We've seen some of the stuff from High Hand Designs in the past, and we have found some more fun items you can use in your weekly poker game. While last time we mentioned their T shirts for looking your best at the table, this time we are highlighting some nice looking personalized glassware.

High Hand Designs has a collection of personalized glassware ranging from pint glasses, to snack bowls, but our favorite has to be this pitcher.

From the site:

"Tell your buddies it's their turn to get the beers! Hell, give em this pitcher and they can get more than one at a time."

Hell yeah!

Head on over to High Hand Designs to get a look at their glassware, as well as a myriad of other poker-related goodies!

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May 1, 2007

How to Be a Good Poker Host: Part 2 -- The Table

rake It In

Today we are continuing our series on how to be a good poker host. We are hoping that you will give back to your normal poker crowd, and surprise them by actually doing something other than scarfing their chips and beer. Just follow our helpful guide, and your friends will be exclaiming your poker hosting prowess, loving you, even as you slowly separate them from their money. That you see, is the trick of a good host.

Today's topic: The Table. Some think that all you need is a flat surface, and those people are wrong. We know that YOU aren't those people, so read on, and we'll remind you of all you need to know about tables.

If you haven't read Part 1 - The Playing Space, head there first, otherwise, read the skinny on tables after the jump!

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