January 30, 2007

A Case of the Giggles: Poker Jokes

Feeling a little blue this morning?
Why not cheer yourself up with a little poker humor?

Little Tommy was the quietest boy in school. He never answered any questions but his homework was always quite excellent. If any one said anything to him he would simply nod, or shake his head. The staff thought he was shy and decided to do something to give him confidence. "Tommy," said his teacher. "I've just bet Miss Smith $5 I can get you to say three words. You can have half." Tommy looked at her pityingly and said, "You lose."

You get some more laughs by reading poker jokes at the following sites:
Poker News.com
Poker Jokes.net
The Bartend
The Poker Channel

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January 26, 2007

Why You Lose At Poker

Why You Lose

Why do you lose at poker?

Before you answer that question, think about this. There is no magic key that unlocks the door to poker. You might be able to pinpoint a leak or two in your game, but you may be surprised to find that there are many more lurking under the surface.

This book shows you the sixteen most common errors in poker, and how to avoid them. You will learn the keys to finding the leaks in your game and plugging them for good.

Stepping away from the table and watching others play incorrectly is the best path to understanding your own mistakes. You’ll learn why these errors are so bad, and why they cost you money over and over. Recognizing these errors in your own game can be painful, but the rewards of revealing them are well worth it.

If you’re ready to admit that you’d like to lose less and win more, then you need this book!

"Of all the guys in poker you've never heard of, Russ and Scott are two of the smartest. They are long-time winning poker players, and have done a great job of putting that knowledge into this book to help you become a better player. I believe this book will help make anybody who is willing to work at his game into a winning player."

This book sounds like the perfect way to identify those common pitfalls, and learn how to avoid them. Count us in! Check the book out at Amazon

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January 24, 2007

Customize Your Chips with Poker Stickers


If you have the hankering for your own custom chip designs, but not a wallet to back it up, may we reccommend the PokerStickers.com method.

# Install our easy to use software on your personal computer.
# Create a design using your own images or our great clip-art gallery.
# Add a little text and denominations.
# Save your design, print it on the special stickers provided.
# Peel and stick them to your plain poker chips to make them. JUST AS FANCY as you please!

You can buy a starter kit with the software and 200 chip stickers for $19.99, or for the same price, you can get 400 stickers. Not a terrible price to put your smiling face on your chips so everyone has to stare at you when they come over to play. Its also a nice way to get those denominations straight.

Check it all out at PokerStickers.com

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January 22, 2007

Atlantic City Hosts a successful WPT Winter Poker Open

The Casino City Times had this to say about the event:

It was electric inside the Event Center at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa on Thursday. The forty remaining players from Event 1 ($500 buy-in event) returned to battle. The field that began with 1,370 players had been whittled down to three. Tae Baik of Leonia, NJ, knocked out the remaining two players to capture the first title of the 2007 Winter Poker Open and the $152,960 in first place prize money.

David Zhu of Scarbourough, Canada, was the second place finisher taking home $95,900. The third place finisher, Emad Alabsi of Wickliffe, Ohio takes home $58,225. Alabsi, who called himself the "The Beast" at the table, had a dominating table personality often singing for the table or laughing it up with the growing crowd. "I always have fun when I'm playing poker here; Borgata offers a great atmosphere to play in."

More on the Winter Poker Open

Also see the upcoming WPT Borgata Poker Classic Info Final Table scheduled for Jan 30th.

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January 20, 2007

FBI Training to Read Tells?


Every great player knows that success in poker is part luck, part math, and part subterfuge. While the math of poker has been refined over the past 20 years, the ability to read other players and keep your own "tells" in check has mostly been learned by trial and error.

But now, Joe Navarro, a former FBI counterintelligence officer specializing in nonverbal communication and behavior analysis—or, to put it simply, a man who can tell when someone's lying—offers foolproof techniques, illustrated with amazing examples from poker pro Phil Hellmuth, that will help you decode and interpret your opponents' body language and other silent tip-offs while concealing your own. You'll become a human lie detector, ready to call every bluff—and the most feared player in the room.

Head over to Amazon to read more reviews and to pick it up yourself.

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January 17, 2007

When Your Home Game Gets Too Big

The Slammer!

Now we don't think that your little home game for $50 bucks is going to get you arrested. Sure, it may technically be illegal, but your local police department probably has better things to do.

If on the other hand, you're home game ends up growing to $13,000 in monies that people have on them, then perhaps you will run into trouble like these folks:

Another raid on a private poker game in America's traditional South has seen 24 poker enthusiasts arrested and cited with varying gambling charges in connection to the game.

The recent raid in suburban Gainesville, Georgia targeted a home where authorities had reports of an ongoing poker game running as often as twice a week, and after an extended stakeout, the 11 p.m. raid found 26 people in the house, 24 of whom were arrested. The raid involved at least four different agencies from the local, state and federal levels, including the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms). The game's operators and dealers were charged with commercial gambling, while the players themselves were charged either with gambling or criminal intent.

Read the whole article over at the PokerNews.com

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January 15, 2007

Poker After Dark, An Intriguing New Show On NBC


NBC has jumped on the poker bandwagon with their new show, Poker After Dark. Its airs late night (2 a.m. in most markets), and is NBC's attempt to get in on the poker craze. As a late night show, we think it works nicely, though as the review at PokerNews.com points out, the show's format does sometimes lack in the commentary.

All in all, its more poker for us to consume, and if we're up that late, maybe a little less Mike Sextant is just what the doctor ordered.

Here are some more links on the show itself, and check your local listings for airtime:

Official Poker After Dark Show Website

The Official Poker After Dark Blog by NBC

Poker News.com Review of the Show

Some Classic Phil Helmuth fun on the show via You Tube

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January 13, 2007

The Poker Chip FAQ

As we were browsing to see what kinds of interesting chips we could find today, we came across this interesting FAQ on chips.

What are American style clay chips?
That is the name given to the type of chips manufactured in the United States starting in the late 1800's and continuing even today.
So these chips are made of clay right?
Not exactly. Originally they may have been clay, but for the last 75 years or so they have been a composition of materials heavier and more durable than clay.
How are clay chips made?
The real clay chips are compression molded under extreme pressure and temperature. 10,000 lbs psi and 300F
What about all these injection molded chips that I see advertised as clay?
Beware, all injection molded chips are plastic. Some are made with a clay like filler added, but they do not have the same feel or handling of true clay chips

Deffinitely handy for the novice chip buyer.
Head on over to PokerChips.com for the whole FAQ.

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January 12, 2007

Bargain Chips


Sure, they aren't the most glamorous chips you've ever seen, but at $9.90 for 50 of them, these 13.5g weighted composites are just right for that rough and tumble crowd at your home game. Head over to Poker Shopping.com to see what other options they have for the bargain chip hunter.

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January 11, 2007

Got The Time?


If you happen to have just won a big poker tourney, why not treat yourself to this lovely five thousand dollar, 18 karat gold watch! Just think.. every time you wonder what time it is, you can remind yourself not to get on tilt! Also, if you happen to need a stake in another big tourney, this may just get you a spot.

Of course, if you are feeling a bit more frugal, you can always just get the Silver Version


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January 6, 2007

Rolling Chip Case


Got too many chips to lug around? No problem! We came across this sweet rolling chip case, and its only $41 bucks!

Case is made of heavy duty, yet lightweight aluminum frame and durable plastic sides in faux metal plate in brilliant silver. This rolling case features in-line style wheels and a 16" telescoping handle for easy mobility.

The interior is black with space for 1000 chips in chip trays. The inside of the lid is made of a soft grey foam insert to keep the chips in place; in the center of the lid is a velcro strapped opening in which to carry 4 decks of cards. The main compartment measures 23 1/4"L x 9 1/4"W x 4 1/8"D and holds 1000 chips in ten acrylic chip trays. Five chips trays on the bottom and five chip trays on the top, seperated by a sturdy divider with webbed handles.

The side compartment measures 4 1/2"L x 9 1/2"W x 3 3/8"D and convinently holds a card shuffler as well as big and little blinds and a dealer button or whatever you may need for you next tournament! Accessories not included.

See it, and some other nice cases over at Wedoitallvegas.com (apparantly they do it all Vegas.)

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January 5, 2007

Top Players of 2006


Another year, another set of tournaments passed. Clearly it was a big year in poker, with prize pools growing ever higher, and the poker craze really going strong.

But what would poker be, without its players? Not much we say! And who were the folks to watch in 2006? According to Poker News.com, the best of the best was Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi :

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi - After his outstanding poker play in 2005, many people might have wondered how "The Grinder" could top it. He did it by putting together a year that surpassed his 2005 efforts and led to his crowning as Poker Player of the Year.

In 2006, Mizrachi started January with a second place finish at the World Poker Tour Gold Strike World Poker Open in Tunica, MS, then went on a mere eight days later to capture the WPT's first ever Borgata Winter Poker Open in Atlantic City. This gave him a huge leg up on the year long POY chase, but he didn't stop there. He won preliminary events at the Mandalay Bay Poker Championships and the Winnin' O' The Green and also had a runner up finish during an L. A. Poker Classic tournament. By capping his year off with a 29th place finish at the Five Diamond World Poker Classic, Michael finished off a sterling 2006 and has laid claim to the arguable title of "best young player" in the game today.

Read on to find out PokerNews's whole top nine list.

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January 3, 2007

The Mathematics of Poker


So you didn't get what you wanted this year? No problem, here's a book we KNOW you had on you wish list. The Mathematics of Poker by Bill Chen and Jerrod Ankenman.

Here's the Publisher's Description:

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the bond an option markets were dominated by traders who had learned their craft by experience. They believed that there experience and intuition for trading were a renewable edge; this is, that they could make money just as they always had by continuing to trade as they always had. By the mid-1990s, a revolution in trading had occurred; the old school grizzled traders had been replaced by a new breed of quantitative analysts, applying mathematics to the "art" of trading and making of it a science.

Similarly in poker, for decades, the highest level of pokers have been dominiated by players who have learned the game by playing it, "road gamblers" who have cultivated intuition for the game and are adept at reading other players' hands from betting patterns and physical tells. Over the last five to ten years, a whole new breed has risen to prominence within the poker community. Applying the tools of computer science and mathematics to poker and sharing the information across the Internet, these players have challenged many of the assumptions that underly traditional approaches to the game. One of the most important features of this new approach is a reliance on quantative analysis and the application of mathematics to the game. The intent of this book is to provide an introduction to quantitative techniques as applied to poker and to a branch of mathematics that is particularly applicable to poker, game theory.

There are mathematical techniques that can be applied for poker that are difficult and complex. But most of the mathematics of poker is really not terribly difficult, and the authors have sought to make seemingly difficult topics accessible to players without a very strong mathematical background.

Sounds like just the thing to spend those Amazon gift cards on :)

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January 2, 2007

A Well Trained Dog

Its not quite any kind of poker we know of. But you have to admit, this guy's dog is pretty darn cute.

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