August 30, 2006

Deal Me In! Online Cardrooms and The New Poker

We love the title and think the premise sound. Don't mess around when playing poker - it may be fun but you'll lose money.

Learn How to Play Smart, Stay Safe, and Have Fun with Online Poker "Under the gun, I had a nut flush draw on the flop, so I go over the top back into the small blind, the guy on the button smooth calls, and I catch the boat on fifth street!" The above quote may not sound inteligible to you now, but it actually makes perfect sense to dedicated poker players. Deal Me In! will have you talking the talk and walking the walk in no time. Whether you're playing with "funny money" or real stakes, you'll discover how fun and exciting online poker is, and how it demands much of the same strategies and skills as a live game. But with Internet poker you can play any time of the day or night, and choose from thousands of games to match your skill level and bankroll.

At Deal Me In! Online Cardrooms, Big Time Tournaments, and The New Poker

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August 28, 2006

BlogPire Podcast - Summer WrapUp 08.28.06

Blogpire 144We talk about the summer "best of" from as well as other products and news from around the 'pire. We also answer your questions from the past couple of weeks so keep sending them in to podcast at blogpire dot com.

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With Hosts: Russell Miner and Jay Brewer


2:30 Best of
3:30 Best Razors
3:55 Best shaving cream
7:20 Best aftershave
8:30 Best shaving oil
10:30 Best shaving online stores

13:30 The Scotch Blog
14:15 Guest Review: Tanqueray Rangpur Gin
16:03 Home Composter
19:14 Organic Beer
21:10 Prefab Sunset Cabin
23:55 Tivo Series 3
28:25 Oppo Digital LCD/DVD TV
29:25 Samsung 70' LCD TV
33:02 Mix and Measure Bowls
34:44 Gourmet Basting Brush
36:01 Electrolux Cyber Fridge
39:27 World of Warcraft Collectible Card Game
43:37 Lost the Game
43:38 Gametap
53:06 Questions
60:00 Ending

Contact the BlogPire Podcast: podcast at blogpire dawt com.

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August 12, 2006

How to Make Money Playing Texas Hold'em Poker

It's cheap and promises money - how could it be bad? Well according to comments and other feedback on this DVD - it's not too shabby.

At How to Make Money Playing Texas Hold'em Poker

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August 7, 2006

More Secrets of No Limit Hold 'Em" with Howard Lederer

Oh Howard Lederer and you're poker secrets! Who knew there were even this many secrets - enough to warrant a second dvd?

In his second how-to video, Howard offers you a professional and insider's view of the world's most popular poker game, Texas No-Limit Hold 'Em. Entertaining and easy to follow, More Secrets of No-Limit Hold 'Em is the poker video that can help any player improve their game. MORE betting strategy, MORE hints about spotting tells, MORE clues on bluffing, MORE tips on suited connectors, MORE ideas about slow play, MORE stories about championship play. Whether you are entering a tournament, playing at a local casino, or playing at home with friends, Howard can help make you the best player you can be!

At More Secrets of No Limit Hold 'Em

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August 5, 2006

BlogPire Podcast - The Pilot 08.05.2006

Blogpire 144We've been working hard to get it together on the podcast front and can now officially say - we've got a podcast for the entire BlogPire! Hosts Jay Brewer and Russell Miner will take you through the best news and reviews from around the BlogPire. If you're not familiar with podcasts - they're basically a web based radio show and you can read more about them here.

The Pilot show features exclusive chat and banter about the launch of our new blog, a run down of the latest from,, and many others. We take a look at the latest in BBQ, Poker Drinkware, and of course high definition TV stuff. We hope you enjoy the BlogPire Podcast and expect it to show up on whatever BlogPire weblog you read every 2 weeks!

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August 3, 2006

"Phil Hellmuth's Texas Hold 'Em 2-DVD Set

He's loud and proud and now on DVD. Who knows - it might be good to see him not being cranky at the table.

Now you can get Phil Hellmuth’s Million Dollar Poker System AND Phil’s Million Dollar Secrets To Bluffing & Tells in this deluxe, limited edition super bonus, SIDE-BY-SIDE, DVD Two Pack! These Best Selling Poker DVD’s reveal the secrets of 9 time World Champion of Poker, Phil Hellmuth! The Million Dollar Poker System gives you all the tools you need to start playing winning poker, literally overnight! Phil’s Bluffing & Tells reveals how to bluff your way into huge pots and how to read your opponent like a book! A must for anyone interested in becoming a winning poker player! Get them both now in this limited edition, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Super Bonus DVD 2-pack!

At Phil Hellmuth's Texas Hold 'Em 2-DVD Set

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