March 31, 2006

The Best of the Blogpire

Cheapfunwines-2Another week and another Best of the Blogpire. Make sure and check out the latest from all of our blogs and also each blog now offers a mailing list and RSS feed for you to read your news from. Now on with the Best of the Blogpire!

Liquor Snob
- Reviewing Booze Is More Than A Numbers Game - Skorppio Vodka: Feel the Sting

Really Natural - Disturbing News About Organic Dairy Farms - Kashi TLC All Natural Snack Crackers Original 7 Grain

Critical Gamers - Warhammer Marches on PCs this Fall - Spice up your Scrabble with Wildwords

Single Serve Coffee - Review: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Fair Trade Island Coconut™ K-Cups from Single Serve - Reader Reviews: Aerobie AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker

Just The Chips - Texas Hold'em Odds - RFID goes all-in at the casino

Kitchen Contraptions - Cheese Scissors - Wine Preservation Steward

Shaving Stuff - Gillette Fusion Razors - 8 for $14.99 - Free Schick Quattro Midnight Razor

Whats All The Racquet - BROKEBACK BORG - THE FINAL CHAPTER! - What do Vince Spadea and Kevin Federline have in common?

TV Snob - Is That the HDTV you Really Want? - Amazon Now Listing the TCD649180 Dual Tuner Series 2 TiVo

Shirt Snob - Falling in Tank by Ya-Ya - Short Sleeve Top with Leather Band by Lauren Moffatt

GPS Lodge - New Navman GPS Receivers: iCN 720 and iCN 750 with Cameras - Garmin Launches GPSMAP 378 and GPSMAP 478

The Cooking News - Recipe News: Taste of Home Recipes - Wine News: The effect of oxygen on wine

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March 29, 2006

THQ Wireless Makes Poker Fans an Offering They Wouldn't Refuse with The Sopranos Poker

ImagesWhat does Tony Soprano and his gang like to do when they're not too busy breaking knees and such? Play poker. At least that's the premise of mobile entertainment provider THQ Wireless' latest game. Fans of HBO's hit show, The Sopranos, can now feel like they're rubbing elbows with the Sopranos without first having to check the TV Guide. THQ Wireless just released The Sopranos Poker for Cingular Wireless users.

The Sopranos Poker pits players against the likes of Tony Soprano, Paulie, and Silvio in a game of 5-card draw going down in the back room of the Bada Bing!, the strip joint featured on the show. Players who run low on cash can bet personal effects like watches and chains. An added feature of the game lets players play like a real gangster, with the option of taking a peek at their opponents' hand. Cheating, however, is at a player's own risk, and anyone who gets caught will have to answer to the Soprano crew.

To spice things up, players can hang out in the Bada Bing! dressing room and take the dancers up on a little strip Texas Hold 'em. And you don't play your cards right, you may just lose your shirt. If you do, it's the dancers who will lose theirs.

Via Poker News

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March 28, 2006

Texas Hold'em Odds

We've found another interesting poker book on calculating odds. Looks pretty good and from the reviews - pretty straightforward.

Odds are part of any gambling strategy and Texas Hold’em Poker is highly predisposed to probability-based decisions. The book presents the mathematics involved in card distributions in Texas Hold’em and provides a precise account of the odds associated with all gaming events. The author is a recognized authority on casino mathematics. He is member of applied mathematics societies and has published numerous articles in leading academic and gaming industry as well as applied mathematics journals. He is also author of "Probability Guide of Gambling" book. No formal background in mathematics is necessary for reading this book, although comfort with some probability and set theory notions is helpful. In most cases, you'll need some college math to follow the formulas here, but this is not a requirement, because the numerical results are collected in tables at the end of each section.

At Texas Hold'em Odds

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March 27, 2006

Weighing the Odds in Hold'em Poker

If the reviews of this book are any indication - this is one to pick up. I'm always having issues with estimating my odds.

I just received this book and have been unable to put it down. This book by Yao (a former derivatives trader) is masterful. It includes the best quantitative discussion that I have seen on calculating pot odds and on starting-hand match ups, with an excellent discussion of which hands play well against few hands and which play better against multiple-hands (thereby distinguishing between good calling hands and good raising hands). It includes a thematic discussion of different plays (the check raise, bluffing, semi-bluffing, etc.) as well as a discussion of common situations on the flop and beyond, all with excellent examples. This is not a book for a rank beginner, but should be accessible to anyone who has read the any of the currently-popular limit books (Jones/Miller). Unlike some of the books by 2+2, this book is organized and readable. It is kind of refreshing to read a poker book that has great substance and is also well written (with no apologies needed for the writing)!

At Weighing the Odds in Hold'em Poker

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March 25, 2006

RFID goes all-in at the casino

7076 TmCan I get a chip count please? The next time you're sitting at the poker table and someone goes all-in, finding out how much more it is to call is going to be so much easier thanks to a Korean start-up that has embedded RFID tags into casino chips – the first of its kind. According to Telecoms Korea, compatible devices will be able to give you a quick chip count, "no matter how many there might be."

Of course, you won't be able to scan chip stacks across the room, nor would you need to. The RFID tags have an "instant recognition range" of three metres, which is more than what the dealer will need to access any given pile at his table. The tiny metal chip is incredibly small and lightweight, being embedded right into the middle of the chip. You won't even know it's there.

They say that other companies have tried implementing UHF RFID tags before, but "failed in commercializing due to anti-collision problem."

At RFID goes all-in at the casino

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March 24, 2006

Cruiser skips Cayman, wins $1M Poker Tourney

20060323 3 BizstudentpokerstoryNewly minted poker millionaire Mike Schneider has one regret about how he spent his spring break: He didn’t get to see much of the Caribbean.

But Schneider has a million other reasons to be happy. The 22–year–old University of Minnesota student won $1 million in a high–stakes Limit Hold’em poker tournament on a Caribbean cruise last Friday.

Instead of exploring the Cayman Islands with the other passengers during the eight–day cruise, Schneider holed up on board, slept in and relaxed in the sun so he would be in good form for the nail–biting tournament, which lasted five to eight hours a day.

At Cay Compass News Online - Photo from AP

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$5 Million Online Poker Tournament

Topa-1 Newly acquired by the Austrian public company Bet and Win, the Ongame Network including poker sites such as has wasted no time in launching The Ongame Network Poker Classic, a tournament with a record-breaking guaranteed prize pool of $5 million and at least $1 million for the final winner.

Whilst the prize pool is dwarfed by events such as the WSOP (this year's prize pool will be $70 million) Ongame claims that it will be the largest-ever guaranteed prize for an event that starts online. The Ongame Classic is an exclusive event where the online poker players can only enter through qualifying rounds held on Ongame Network operators' websites, such as

The new tournament will start as an online event and then pause when there are 45 players left. Those 45 will then receive airplane tickets to Barcelona, Spain, for the live final to battle it out on the green felt face to face - continuing with the same chip stacks they had when the online tournament paused.

At $5 Million Online Poker Tournament

Get the Latest Online Casino Conditions - Top online casinos, gambling sites and poker rooms.

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Keep On Top of the Modern Board and Social Game Revolution at

Criticalgamers BlogadIs your closet full of mid-century board game titles like Monopoly and Sorry!? Are you still answering questions about 1980's science and technology questions from a dusty version of Trivial Pursuit? The staff at can help move you from the drab repetitive gameplay of yester-year into the entertaining world of modern Eurogames and social card games.

Blogpire Productions is pleased to announce the addition of to our growing family of product- and category-specific Web logs. will provide news and reviews of social board games, Eurogames, and card games. Critcal Gamer's goal is to weed-out the mediocre from the slew of modern table top game titles, and to keep readers posted on what's new and popular in the world of social gaming.

At CriticalGamers

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March 22, 2006

Technology in Las Vegas

Tablemaster I'm not sure I'm ready for a fully automated dealer but you never know - it could be fun and perhaps I could even win?

It’s hard to think of technology in Las Vegas beyond updating the neon lights and the surveillance cameras surveying every pit, but the truth is a lot of time and money goes into developing new products for use in casinos. Take the Table Master by Shuffle Master, at your left, for instance. It’s a fully-automated casino: no cards, no dealer, runs 24/7 and can’t be cheated. Doesn’t sound like very much fun to us, as we’re big fans of human interaction, but it might be just the perfect thing for some casinos, or maybe even places like airport lounges.

Via Gizmodo at BBC

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March 21, 2006

Deluxe Las Vegas Poker Chip Set

Go old school with this rack of poker chips you remember from your childhood. Excalibur Electronics Deluxe Las Vegas Poker Chip Set - This portable poker chip set gives you everything you need for a memorable poker night. You get 200 heavyweight clay poker chips in 4 different colors. They are easily accessible in it's real wood caddy that acts as a chip carousel during the game! You also get 2 decks of playing cards (which the caddy also holds)!

At Deluxe Las Vegas Poker Chip Set

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March 17, 2006

March 16, 2006

Slots & MultiPlay Video Poker

From the reviews I've read this $10 buck video game for MAC and PC is a steal.

MultiPlay Video Poker Play the famous "MultiPlay" video poker games exactly as they are found in casinos throughout the world. Includes the best machines in Triple, Five, Ten, Fifty and Spin Poker variety. All machines include complete strategies that train you to win more often. Record and review your mistakes and use the strategy practice to become a better player. Also includes full tutorial programs for Slots, Blackjack, and Spanish 21. Play up to 6 player positions at a time. Customize all house rules with complete strategies for each variation. Learn to count cards the easy way. Full motion videos for each game offer valuable strategy tips.

At Slots & MultiPlay Video Poker

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March 13, 2006

World Poker Tour for Gameboy Advance

We've been trying to find a poker solution for several of our friends who still have Gameboy Advance and haven't moved onto the Nintendo DS (which we prefer). Looks like the World Poker Tour folks have put out a Gameboy Advance title and this should solve getting some of my latent Gameboy Advance friends into some poker.

World Tour Poker includes an amazing professional poker player lineup and world-class poker venues and is based on the highly popular television series of the same name. This combination of world-class venues coupled with real pros, brings players authenticity and reality on found in the World Poker tour. These real-world locations are completely accurate, right down to the carpeting, lighting, room décor and floor layout.

At World Poker Tour

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March 10, 2006

Learn to Pick the Most Luscious Wines on the Planet for Under $20 at

Cheapfunwines-1We're pretty excited here at Blogpire Productions to tell you about our new site - Cheap Fun Wines.

How many times have you shelled out ten bucks for a bottle of wine only to have your hopes dashed when you poured the first glass? The staff at is here to help. They're goal is to find the most luscious bottles of affordable wine on the planet for under $20.

Kim and the staff at love wine. There is little in life that’s more fun for them than pouring a new wine or revisiting an old favorite.

What they don’t love is wine snobbery. At www.CheapFunWines they'll promise to write about wine in plain English and make fun of people who don’t. That said, they don't profess to be a wine experts. They're totally wine beginners - each with a keen sense of smell, a decent palate, a passion to learn, and a sense of humor.

For the past six years, the staff at has often trekked to wineries in Napa and Sonoma, trying dozens of reds and whites. Slowly, they've learned what they like (Full-bodied Cab and peppery Syrah) and don't like (Bombastic fruity Zin and overblown Chardonnay).

At CheapFunWines the staff won’t always be right. They won’t always use the proper wine vocabulary. But that’s OK. They're all learning together. So pop a cork and join them on a fun journey to a cheaper, better bottle of vino. And send them your favorites!


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March 9, 2006

Get Your Poker Stacked for PC

Stacked with Daniel Negreanu is an incredible new multi-table tournament system for realistic poker action! Compete in either casual non-sanctioned games or officially sanctioned "STACKED" Masters games, with seven Professional players. You can have a casual game with friends or go head-to-head with pro players, all from the comfort of their homes.

At Stacked

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March 6, 2006

Poker & Wallstreet - A Perfect Combo

Okay - so not totally poker related but it does sound like a nice piece of fiction.

As described by Lewis, liar's poker is a game played in idle moments by workers on Wall Street, the objective of which is to reward trickery and deceit. With this as a metaphor, Lewis describes his four years with the Wall Street firm Salomon Brothers, from his bizarre hiring through the training program to his years as a successful bond trader. Lewis illustrates how economic decisions made at the national level changed securities markets and made bonds the most lucrative game on the Street. His description of the firm's personalities and of the events from 1984 through the crash of October 1987 are vivid and memorable. Readers of Tom Wolfe's The Bonfire of the Vanities ( LJ 11/15/87) are likely to enjoy this personal memoir. BOMC and Fortune Book Club selection.

At Liar's Poker: Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street

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March 3, 2006

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